Cinnamon, My Inspiration



If we search “Cinnamon” on the internet, we will find tonnes of cinnamon related information. Many stories inspired by Cinnamon, trades, foods, drinks, lifestyle, memories, health, history &, etc.

My Cinnamon story began from Sri Lanka; my very first spice guru who brought me into spices business. Sometimes, I thought that “Cinnamon” naturally is given a miracle power. An ordinary tree that we have used it since 2500 years ago.

My first encounter about Cinnamon is not because of its medical benefits, without any idea about Cinnamon; I discovered that it smells comfortable and relief, I believed the sweet flavour caught me in the first place. I remembered that my wife and I were on the way to down south of Sri Lanka. We took a rest halfway because of motion sickness. We spotted some workers were working on some wood craftings. The wood smelled so good that I forgot I was motion sickness. I never thought that was Cinnamon. Maybe it cured my dizziness. That was my first experience about Cinnamon.

The other thing amazed me was the process of making the quills, it is so labour intensive. I could not believe that Cinnamon stick must be hand crafted. My spice journey started here. I would like to say that was a fantastic coincidence.


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