Authentic Cinnamon? Cassia or Ceylon Cinnamon?


Many types of Cinnamon are available in the market, which one is the real one we are using? Most frequent question after we have learned about the varieties of Cinnamon and the health concern about “coumarin” contain in Cinnamon. “Coumarin” is a kind of natural chemical substance comes with the plant. Here, I believe that everybody can search the net; it is easy!

Many years ago, the Indonesian Cinnamon dominated the whole local market, and not many people know about Ceylon Cinnamon. The real cinnamon for everyone is Cassia Cinnamon, our household taste in daily cooking. The Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka is a newcomer. People valued it as another kind of cinnamon, less pungent, expensive and doubtful about its potential. I thought I had a wrong starting point. I was in a state of selling shoes at a place where people is barefoot, different knowledge and unfit to local custom, but I believe it was a great business opportunity.

My first encounter about Ceylon Cinnamon had changed my life. I had a deep feeling about Ceylon Cinnamon, and I always use Cinnamon as my opening topic when I do a sales talk. However, I remembered one occasion that I was so embarrassed where I was trying to show my best Ceylon Cinnamon to a France Chef, many years ago. Unexpectedly, she turned down my conversation because she could not accept the smell of cinnamon. No matter it was Cassia or Ceylon. I made another appointment and cleared out all my cinnamon from my spice bag before the next meeting. I learned that Ceylon Cinnamon is my personal preference spice, but not the absolute for others.

The point I would like to highlight is “Authentic” flavour. The value originally used by the people. The “Original Flavour”. The selected ingredients or method of cooking which forms a genuine character. In other words, “Authentic” is a part of people living pattern. The way we eat and our lifestyle. Some people may have a different experience and changed the original taste. Therefore, the flavour is a complexity of living. It is beyond our ordinary senses, a creation of many things.

Now, I have majority customers use Ceylon Cinnamon because it is real, sweeter aroma, good for health and it is the diabetic medicine from natural remedies. So, my clients like the Cinnamon? Do they change their original eating behaviour?

Authentic cinnamon is not the important matter because we value the facts in reality. The aroma and taste of Cinnamon are the secondary consideration. The flavour differences are strictly the cooking concerns.

Last, before I put an end to my Cinnamon topic, I share my real life experience with you. I like Cinnamon because it smells good and comfortable. I use it in my cooking recipes. My favourite masala tea with Ceylon Cinnamon. Try to love spices and discover the natural flavour. Search for your spice starter.


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