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Last week, I was lucky that I met a friend and his mom in my shop. They were collecting some spices before they went back to America. He is a “Vegan.” He produced many vegan recipe books. His name is Healy Youngton.

Although I work in this spice business for many years, I do not have a clear picture of Vegan’s food preparation. I know some of them can not take garlic, onion, milk, and egg.

I took the opportunity to update him on my current project at Jack’s Spice Kitchen – “Cooking Video.”

Healy said he would “like” my cooking video after I posted it on Youtube. I appreciated his support.

I started to think about Vegan’s cooking after I saw Healy. Maybe this is the time for me to make a complete crackdown on Vegan’s food. After many days of research and hard work, my conclusion is that Vegetarian diet is not a new recipe. “Where shall I begin?” The idea was very fragile. I need a “MEAT FREE” mindset.

Recently, the Vegan foods are famous that many people are venturing into Vegan cooking. I am not a vegetarian. However, I am trying to look for my inspiration in the vegetarian dish.

Vegetarian foods must be something unusual! Many people converted into a vegetarian lifestyle.  Today, vegetarian is a “Culture.” The trend that people follow and workship. The new branding happens in the food industry.

Is this the signal of change?

The fundamental of a vegetarian concept is practiced due to rituals and religious activities, purifying the soul of greed, hatred, and destruction, developing our inner peace and compassion.  However, the purification does not limit our mind and soul but physically transform into food. How do you cook? What do you eat?

I think that a “REVOLUTION” of belief was created, beyond the original. Vegan’s theory is the new lifestyle. A Vegan practitioner must be able to let go the original, sacrificing now and reborn in new life.

A choice of killing a chicken for food, right by your hand or starve to death, which one will you choose? Easy answer, right? My wife will pick up the second option. The ideology is not as pure as quoted by Shakespeare “To be, or not to be, that is the question”? Anyway, we better look into my actual topic “Vegan’s Spices.”

Spices are long used ingredients in vegetarian foods, to balance the ph level, improve the taste of food. Before we have the refrigerator, we preserve cooking with spices. No doubt that spices are rich in nutrition and medical benefits.

The checklist of Vegan’s Spices, first to make sure all resources are free from animal-related substances directly or indirectly. The borderline is similar to “Organic food” checklist in our market. It depends on the trustworthy of a supplier.

Second, I would like to highlight the “Five Acrid and Strong-smelling Vegetables.” Some Vegans, they are very strict to determine the ingredients of “Five Spices” which contain strong-smelling taste because of its tendency to excite human senses.

Garlic, Onion, leek, Allium (Chives, Spring Onion) and Asafoetida.

I had a bad experience with Asafoetida, an excellent ingredient to replace garlic and onion for vegetarian foods, especially for dhals, beans, and earthy taste plants. I strongly recommended it to a Chinese Vegan. She cooked it, but the garlic-onion taste from Asafoetida shocked her. She immediately thought that I tricked her with garlic-onion powder.Unexpected! I learned a good lesson to be more careful in future.

However, the “Five Spices” restriction is binding to some Vegans only. We will stick with the first checklist in general. I listed the top 10 spices for vegetarian food.

1. Turmeric                           6. Coriander
2. Ginger                                7. Star Anise
3. Chili                                    8. Cinnamon
4. Paprika                              9. Tamarind
5. Cumin                               10. Peppers

The favorite spice blend is Vegetarian Curry powder; the other curry blends are depending if you are mimicking fish curry. The spices blending method varies from meat, seafood, and vegetables.

Before the main menu, I prepared a “Healthy Salad” for a starter. The simple recipe to tune into my world of vegetarian cooking.


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