The day without you – 2019

One moment, I felt so miserable and sad when I thought that I left behind. I was trying my best to catch up on the distance. The more efforts I put, I felt that I did not get the result I wanted. The path is too complicated.

In a moment, I was feeling lost! My son told me, ” Dad, I can do it myself! I don’t need you anymore.” I knew this was an expression of a child’s growing journey. I should be proud that he is growing up confidently. Somehow, I did not feel happy inside my heart and felt sad that I thought soon the day had come, the boy will grow up and finally our task as the parent will come to an end. Are we supposed to be “FREE!!”
My wife comforted us that we are the ones who should learn to grow.

The above expression was about two years ago. Now my son is ten years. He is more attached to his mother because, as an educated Chinese father always is rigid styles.

I need to learn that God, my Father, please adjust my attitude and more with the correct pathway for your loving child. I prayed.

The “Truth of spices” not only learned as the aromatic profile and usage of the spices. However, it is like a mirror walks into your life that you feel and taste it beyond your imagination.

His days will be without me sooner or later. I have enough with the memories he had accompanied my life.

Thank you, heavenly Father. Bless him to be the perfect spice blend than mine.


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