Potatoes Stir Frying – Expectation or Reality?

Stir Frying Potatoes 2

My second post of 2018, potatoes stir-frying (Aloo Stir-Fried).
The fun part of stir-frying, I believed it should be like the photo above. When you try some stunts on toasting the potatoes in the air, you would feel like the potatoes were tastier than usual. Heat from the bottom, your hand was actually on top of the fire “almost,” but my concentration was on holding back the potato cubes after the flip. Therefore, I did not realize it until I washed my hand later on.

In reality, do you think the potatoes were more delicious if we added some actions? Check my video below, you will get the “REAL” answer.

After sometimes


5 Potatoes
30gm Curry Leaves
1 tbsp Garam Masala
1 tbsp Cumin Seeds
2 tbsp Mustard Seeds
1/2 tsp Tumeric
1/2 tsp Chili Powder
3 tbsp Honey Mustard Seasoning


  1. Put the whole potatoes in boiling water for 15minutes.
  2. Take out and soak in cold water for 4-5 minutes.
  3. Cut into cubes and soak into cold water for the second times. The starch will reduce from the potatoes cubes.
  4. Drain and season with 3tbsp of Honey Mustard seasoning. The Honey Mustard Seasoning I recommended is seasoned with salt and sugar. If ordinary honey mustard spice, add a few pinches of salt.
  5. Heat the frying pan with 3 tbsp of cooking oil, add 2tbsp of Mustard Seeds, 1tbsp of Cumin Seeds and Curry Leaves. Remember to set on low flame. Saute until the mustard seeds crack open with a “pop.”
  6. Add in the cubes and saute for 3 minutes, add in turmeric powder and chili powder. Continue stir-frying another 5 minutes.
  7. Blend in the last Garam Masala before serving.




Meaningless to celebrate Reunion Dinner?



Is it necessary to have reunion lunch or dinner for Chinese New Year eve? My son asked me about the meaning of Reunion Dinner? What is Reunion Dinner? Why do we need to celebrate the reunion since we meet every day or maybe not see some relatives for a long, long time? I was unable to answer it that where should I start to tell him about the story of Reunion Dinner. The Reunion day is the day we cook many dishes and food. All the family members will gather together and celebrate the start of new year. Wishing and praying that we move forward to a better year with good fortune. Indeed will the celebration promise you the prosperous year ahead?

The 2018 Chinese New Year, My brother and I produced a Chinese New Year wishing video clip. The production took us around six days for recording. Excluded the pre-production preparation and post-production. To complete the Chinese New Year dishes, it was not an easy job as I thought. The above clip will let you have an overall picture of the reunion dishes.

While I was doing the cooking, I started to remember many things from the past, my granny’s last words, grandfather’s old stories, my mother’s recipes and the method to cook it. The memories of past were playing like a movie. We produced eight type of Chinese New Year dishes which we used to have it in the REUNION DINNER. I enjoyed the cooking process, and the taste of every dishes just like yesterday I learned to cook it. More than ten years, I did not cook these Chinese New Year dishes. The reasons may be no longer needed to explain, too hard to describe.

I forgot the moment of happiness of Chinese New Year, mainly the childhood memories, playing firecrackers, lion dance, praying ceremony to the ancestor, red packet “Angpow,” Chinese New Year snacks and neighborhood friends.

Time, I am getting old and living in a different chapter of history. The feeling of appreciation is not as before. I realized the gap between generation. The topics we talk about are the past.

Food culture is apparently changing. One of the main ingredients in my Chinese New Year dishes is “Chinese Fermented Red Bean Curd 南乳.” The presentation of the taste and the origin, authentic of food preparation, the key ingredient is essential.

The highlight is the authentic taste does not come from the skills and knowledge we obtained. The original flavor comes from our memory. The ingredient is acting the sensor to wake up our mind. My spices expertise and skills could not bring the authentic dishes to the new level. “Do not change the ingredients, “OUR” taste is different!” This statement jumped out from my head. The important reminder while I learned the recipe.

However, my son does not like the taste of Chinese New Year food. The feeling of Chinese New Year is not meaningful compared to Christmas. The smell of fermented red bean curd is disgusting. Waxed meat is not his selection. I am trying to give him the idea of “ham.” How do you think about the result? It did not work.

I started to think about the Chinese New Year celebration, is it the only happy moment I had in childhood? The reality of life is not the same as we wanted. Many stories are created to show us the wanted messages. I could not feel the moment of joyful, happy, wealthy and prosperous.

The small family may not practice the old fashion celebration. The traditional food is meaningless to our younger generation. Playing firecracker is illegal.
He learns about “How to save our planet?” and “Do not pollute the environment!” Firecrackers are noisy and dangerous.

After the production, I realized that the Reunion dishes are mainly meat diet? Can we have more vegetables? People care about a healthy lifestyle.

Preparation time, long hours and long process and labour intensive. People will not consider spending too much time to cook and prepare these Chinese New Year dishes. Therefore, the modern family will celebrate the Reunion Dinner at restaurant. Clean and Easy!

Any good reason to maintain the celebration?